Waffelhaus customer makes & # 39; DIY Meal & # 39;

Waffle House is one of the jewels of American cuisine that tastes even better late at night. Alex Bowen was expecting customer service when he was looking for provisions. After about ten minutes of searching, he has not found a single customer or employee. Then he came across a sleeping single employee. Not wanting to disturb the sleeping fellow, he suddenly took it upon himself to eat something.

Sandwiches while snapping selfies

When Alex entered the kitchen of a Waffle House, he immediately went to work and created the perfect culinary creation. Alex was in the mood for a "double Texas bacon cheesesteak, melted with extra cucumbers".

Alex Bowden / Facebook

Driven by fluency and gnawing munchies, Alex was proclaimed hero because of his audacity. Alex made sure that his flash stint was immortalized as a Waffle House chef with photogenic pictures on Facebook.

Guilty of alcohol

Alex's actions were made viral online. Even though Alex was tidying up behind him while an exhausted employee was fast asleep at a table, Waffle House was not too enthusiastic. Mr. Bowen left no money to pay for his meal, but later returned to the branch office to throw the five dollars of an employee on the way out.

Inside Edition

Alex admits he was pretty mad at vodka, which made him cook. A few days later, Alex did not return to the scene because he had no money to cover his drunk food.

Turn the script over

Fortunately, Waffle House brought Alex's mishap as a marketing opportunity and valuable study in the kitchen. The company decided to always schedule at least two employees at their locations and make fun of the incident.

The chives

The local area manager of waffle house Alex gave one Excuse meAfter Alex's drunken longing for Waffle House had won the hearts of the Internet. The slumbering employee was suspended for a week, and Waffle House changed its guidelines to be better prepared in the future.


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