Was your Facebook account really cloned?

Many Facebook users have recently received a viral message that their accounts have been cloned. Of course the news has made people panic, but it turns out that this is a sophisticated fraud.

A disturbing news

Users on the popular social media network received a strange message from friends that their accounts were cloned. Cloning happens when a scammer can copy information from a person's Facebook account and send friend requests. Cloning is an attempt to obtain personal information about the user for the use of the scammer.


The message was, "Hi … .I actually got another friend request from you that I ignored, so maybe you should check your account." Hold your finger on the message until the forward button pops up … then shoot forward and all the people you want to pass on …. I had to make the people individually PLEASE DO NOT TAKE A NEW MARKETING FROM ME AT THIS TIME. "

Viral hoax

Of course the news was quite disturbing for the users, especially as it comes from other friends. However, it just seems like another wild dizziness. More than likely, if you received this message, you were not hacked and no duplicate friend request was ever sent.

Digital trends

The problem is that people fall for this copy / paste trick and send the message to other friends. Although it was probably sent with good intentions, the message is not true. Still, you can do some things to check the validity of the message.

Protect your account

Unfortunately, this scam is not the first for Facebook, Some of these clone hoaxes have occurred in recent years, including the summer of 2016. Facebook officials, however, have stated that this viral message is not real and that no accounts have actually been cloned.


If you have any of these messages, there are a few things you can do. You can verify that your friend's account has actually been cloned. If you search for her name and find two completely identical accounts, one is probably a clone. And if you have been notified by a clone of your friend, you can report this account to Facebook. If not, just ignore the message. Even if you are paranoid, your account might have been choppedYou can also change your password.


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