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Watch a fisherman feed a series of bald eagles


The striking bald eagle is hard to miss. This is especially true when gathering herds and feeding them with shrimp from a single brave fisherman. A man in a red shirt, who fed her with his bare hands.

Video captures the encounter with the eagle

The spectacular feeding was captured by Jessie Peck, who fed the birds of prey. He set the video on a boat as he was about to give the birds raw shrimp.

Animal Planet / YouTube screenshot

First, he shows a large group of birds getting food on deck. After feeding, he swings the camera out and there is a bigger surprise – dozens are still waiting to get their turn. They are everywhere.

The feeding takes place in a famous area for bald eagles

Peck feeds the eagles as something he does every day – which may be true. The video was filmed in Dutch Harbor, Alaska, an area famed for its large number of bald eagles. In this region, bald eagles are on fishing boats and in open areas. They are in the city center and in neighborhoods. There is even a nest at the post office of a city.

Animal Planet / YouTube screenshot

The human population has learned how to take care when birds are nearby. With their wild nature and their large claws and claws, the eagles can be territorial and potentially dangerous. The inhabitants are especially careful of those who nest with boys.

Video goes viral

After the release, the video of the amazing feeding became viral. It has received more than eight million views.

Animal Planet / YouTube screenshot

Why the popularity? Maybe it's because in some parts of the country the sightings of bald eagles are incredibly rare – if not impossible. To see swarms of them that are as thick as seagulls is a novelty. Or maybe it's because the entire Freebird video was made by Leonard Skynard. There just could not be a better place musical Background.

Whatever the reason, the video has fascinated the internet. Nature most dramatic.


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