Watch This Playful Seal Pup Love On A Snorkel

There's a reason why so many people watch cuddly videos of puppies for hours – they are the cutest! But what happens when you are confronted with a face to face? poetry Puppy? Watch the cuteness in this funny video.

How did this happen?

Off the coast of Argentina, a diver in Puerto Madryn snorkeled, no doubt, to scrutinize the lush sea life.


The main attraction of this coastal city is its regular visitor: the Southern Right Whale. As well as being able to observe these magnificent creatures from the coast, locals and visitors can stroll down the beach to see the many penguins and elephant seals that live there. Or you can venture into the water for more adventure, like this guy!

Was not it dangerous?

Because of shows like planet EarthWe know that seals on land can be quite aggressive. If necessary, they can abandon their adorable behavior and defend their territory against other sea creatures.


But do not worry! In the water they are typically friendly and docile and show their fun-loving personalities, as shown in the video below.

Now for the main event

The snorkel of this boy did not scare off the baby seal, who was swimming jovially to break up with his new boyfriend. You can watch as the sweet seal plants on a few kisses directly on the diver's mouth before you take a lovable little nibble on his glasses. He then sits down with his headbutt in the camera, before he romps to the other divers and gives them some love!


the poetry and all his fellow sailors are delighted with their land-loving guests swim back and forth, granting a hug here and there. Are you already jealous – because we are sure!


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