Weatherman has the best reaction when Precious Puppy Interrupts

No reporter wants to be interrupted in the middle of his segment – unless the offender is adorable. And this happy, dog-loving weatherman had a valuable answer to this puppy who was trying to steal his spotlight!

The pressure to be a reporter

One of the main tasks of a news anchor is to entertain yourself while filming the cameras, to stay cool and professional. This is especially true for weather reporters! Rain, shine and other things mean forecasters have to deliver one of the most important pieces of news and even ignore the main interruptions.

However, reporters are only human, and not every segment goes as planned. Sometimes emerging distractions are too funny, scary or stubborn to be ignored! In the case of this funny report, there was no way to push the unexpected guest who appeared on the screen aside!

A funny interruption of the curious dogs

Meteorologist Kharov Marshall is located in Houston, Texas, where the weather is often wild and unpredictable! His work requires a lot of concentration. When publishing a weather report on KPRC 2, Marshall was accompanied by a hysterical little friend!


In the middle of his broadcast, a small white puppy trotted on the screen and joined a confused Marshall. According to the news channel, the dog should be introduced in the next section, where he hopes to find the puppy as his home. However, the dog, Angel, could not keep his excitement in front of the camera! Luckily Marshall had the perfect answer to the eager puppy.

Marshall's Beyond Precious Response

Instead of chasing away the hyperdog, Marshall stopped to greet the little boy. "Oh, look what I have here!" He exclaimed. Even after interacting playfully with the dog, he was unwilling to throw him out of the game. "Do you want to do this segment with me?" He asked. From there, Marshall lifted the dog in his arms and continued to report!


Of course, Marshall provided a delightful account while Angel tormented himself happily in his arms! Luckily, even after Angels hilarious moment of fame, the sweet dog still has its own segment. And Marshall kept playing with the cute puppy when they were back in the limelight. We can only hope that Angel has found one At home That looks at the weather every morning!


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