Wedding day regrets

If you are in the eye of the wedding planning storm, you might want to take a breath and see what mistakes your ancestors made. We do not have to reinvent the wedding wheel every time. Many people have done it before and many people have made the same mistakes over and over again. Use your wisdom. Although it will be remembered as the most beautiful day of your life, and many of the problems that will occur will fade in your memory, why not avoid the classic wedding gags that you side-step, all of which are listed in this very helpful For example, you will probably never use this china, which you put in your registry.
Redditer supertinypenguin wrote: "I registered for gd china, I did not want it, we knew we would never use it, we did not use it in 25 years." Billismcwillis wrote, "Just try it for everyday use at this point, it's surprisingly fun to eat boring everyday items from very expensive porcelain, it just sits there and collects dust, so use it for fun!" stay with China sets in the end? It's a tough sale. Do not let the person lead you through your register to persuade you to what G8kpr, who told this story as a warning, almost happened:
Haha … I remember registering and the lady helped us first. She immediately takes us to the beautiful China area and says, "These are some of our best sets that connect LOOOOOOOOOVEE together to marry on their wedding day." She explains how great it is, how some guests just have to get a few pieces, and everyone can look in for a whole set, so it's not that expensive, every plate was a crazy amount of money, and my wife me and I almost laughed in her face. We said, "We do not need or want a porcelain set."
The lady says, "Oh, I know, I know … but down the line, in many years, you're going to host dinners and parties and you're going to want a really nice porcelain set." We said "No … we will not, we are not interested in a porcelain set, we will never use it."
Pure disappointment on the face of this lady, and she gave up the fight. Fifteen years later, I did not say, "I wish I had good porcelain!" It's annoying to just get the wrong stuff. However, there are much worse mistakes like losing the big moments, as Darwin's LoveChild has done. Your advice? Let people take pictures! "My first regret is that I tell people not to take pictures, I know it sounds stupid, but it's a lot worse." We had a great wedding and the photographer even sent an additional photographer to the wedding (2 instead of 1). A few weeks after we tried to contact her for the photos. We behaved ghostly. We tried to find her for about a year. We were still ready to pay for the photos, even unedited. We only wanted the photos. "Luckily some people did not get the message, so we took a couple (10-20) pictures of our wedding to take the risk because there was probably no way to get another photographer during this time." Date appeared, we were relieved and thought we had dodged a bullet. "The chances that your photographer is a total freak show, who steals special day for no reason are low, but a friend could capture the perfect moment." If parts of your ceremony are not tell the guests to keep their cameras in their laps, but a rather controversial proposal from ElbisCochuelo had many opponents, but that's probably because he addressed a taboo topic: money.
At first, her advice was pretty simple. "Helping others to help," they wrote, it was their greatest regret. "As soon as that happens, they'll take over the wedding, guest list, decoration, cake, everything." But the answer was so wild that they added their personal horror stories: "Uncle offered to pay for the limousine, but it turned out to be this broken eighties limousine with a spider web and no hubcaps." "In-laws Paid half the board, so our guest list was 70 people, but 200+ came in. Had it been alright, they would have told us that so we could adjust the catering, but no, we had to hire the caterers on the fly And then we had to pull some tables out of the store, and then we had to order pizza for the rest – people we absolutely wanted to have ate on the pizza on dusty tables. "Another uncle offered to pay for a honeymoon flight. That's how an 18-day trip turned into twelve days because it was the cheapest ticket.
Schwager paid for the wine, which actually became good. But we did not have enough, because of all the totally unexpected guests. "We just wanted a small celebration with 75 people and a great wedding, but we had a big celebration that was kind of mediocre.
In-laws even told us that we could not say hello to our real friends, because then we would have to go to every table and say hello to everyone, to be fair. That would have taken two hours. What has led to a quarrel.
Maybe your families are not that type. But I wish we had done our own thing and did not accept help. Think about who your family is and whether you enjoy giving them money without any obligations – and not cheap people. Like the porcelain patterns of yesteryear, there are many ancient traditions that die hard. But let her go! Redditor Shirleysparrow writes that they wish they had come to the 21st century and gone paperless for their wedding. "Paper invitations and RSVPs Set up a wedding page and let people RSVP there." At one point we did not know where to go, I had very few RSVPs back and I had a total crying meltdown about nobody coming in. Of course they would come, there is only nobody left with mail. Wedding remorse. "The other big one is to make sure you eat, not just your wonderful food, but also the morning of the actual event – you need the energy, no matter how nervous you feel." Downvotesdarksouls writes that breakfast is the most important meal of the day is, even if it's your big day.
"We got married on a beach early in the day and all I could think of was how much I wanted a sandwich breakfast with eggs, cheese and bacon on a roasted English muffin with just a touch of spicy sauce," they wrote charging none People who do not care, no matter how much pressure you get. There was a mix of experiences in which surprise guests emerged, horrors that ruined everything, and wedding expenses that skyrocketed when parents took part. But there was a big suggestion from Lionorderhead, what to do if your people are too free with your guest list: "I started charging my parents for invitations, okay, it costs $ 125, so if you want them there 'You pay for him, his wife and two grown children, and after that they ruled it.' This last tip is extremely specific to Skyload, but do not do that:
"I (the groom) accidentally wore Christmas socks with a clearly visible Santa face that looked out as I moved."

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