What kind of friend do you need, according to your zodiac sign

Many women dream of finding an amazing friend, but we all have our unique sense of self, which requires something different. We recommend the following for each zodiac sign.

You need a man who can handle a strong and very passionate woman and is as obsessed with you as you are with him, unapologetically. Your husband should make your life more exciting than holding you back. He is spontaneous and loves to grow and expand through exploration and adventure, but he also respects your freedom.

You need a man who knows every corner of your soul (and also what makes you tick) and appreciates your friends and family. You need a man with patience who is not intrusive, but offers comfort and warmth that you rarely find in other men. He leaves sweet notes on the mirrors and always keeps what he promises, and he is extremely loyal.

Twin girls can get bored quickly, and it's hard to find a man of their standard. You need one who can do all your communication and intelligence tasks that your fun-loving side also appreciates. Gemini's BF should understand and read you as well as entertain you at boring social events.

You need a man who understands the nuances of your moods and is always your "person" when life becomes complicated or overwhelming. He loves how to deal with your emotions and takes care of the little things as well as everything that comes to you. He loves your quirks and dislikes because they are part of you.


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