What to say to a guy – 10 ways to easily create conversation

With so many gadgets catching our attention most of the time, it seems really difficult to have a real conversation these days. We have long been aware of the times when the boys were expected to be the first to approach and talk to a woman. At the moment, girls can do that too and do not feel funny. Still, it takes guts to take that first step, and just like boys, we get nervous and do not know what to say. Here are 10 simple and, as we say, effortless ways to kindle a conversation with a guy.

Make a compliment
This may be a bit uncomplicated for some of you girls out there, but making a compliment is actually the easiest way to get his attention and will definitely make him smile. We all like compliments and boys are no different. Choose something you like about him – a t-shirt with a cool print or his tattoo – and do it!

Ask for something
Whether it's a recommendation, which movie to see, directions or a nearby place with good coffee, the question of something is a cool and effortless way to start a conversation. You can tell right away if he's interested in continuing your chat or not. And when it comes to coffee, you can ask him right away!

Talk about the weather
Okay, talking about the weather can easily get boring, but only if it's the same old weather that everyone is used to. If it's a storm or an unexpected rain, make a conversation. It's not the best start, but not the worst.

Go for the pet
If the guy you like is in the park, traveling with his dog, or just traveling with his cat, that's the best conversation topic ever! All people love their pets and can talk about it forever. If you are interested in his puppy, he will definitely attract his attention.


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