Why you should not worry so much about the first impression

Whether it's a job interview, a first date or the first day of school as a company, we have a lot of that first impression. The idea of ​​a bad first impression can cause a lot of stress, worry and rethinking. However, it is time to keep these worries for another day because a new study has shown you were not worried about anything.

It's about perception

Scientists recently conducted a study based on initial impressions by comparing how people behave in the situation and how they were viewed by the person with whom they were met. The result was all about the person's perception of the person.

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The inner feelings of each individual did not reflect the feelings of the person they met, proving that it was not as bad as you think. Instead, each participant liked the other individual and his first encounter more than he personally thought of himself.

The art of conversation

In the world of digital technology, sometimes the appreciation of a good old fashioned quality talk is lost. When it comes to the first impression, scientists have found that this is the key.

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The more conversations took place and the more the two got to know each other, the better the impression. So ask questions, talk a little about yourself and really listen to what the other person is saying. Instagram will still be there when you're done – promised!

The "Liking Gap"

The results of the study have shown that in reality we are much more difficult than we need to be. Called "self-protective pessimistic," as humans we prepare ourselves for a bad first impression as a defense mechanism.

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The truth is the thing, and sometimes things do not go as smoothly as we want, it's almost always worse in our heads than the ones we meet. Next time you have to make a first impression uncertainty and enjoy your new one Experience,


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