Why you want to take the winter boots this winter

For over 200 years, people in the US have relied on the Old Farmer's Almanac for all their advanced weather information. When the summer is over and cold weather is just around the corner, the thought that spreads in every mind is, "What are we for?"

Grab your umbrella

During this winter there will be a lot of rainfall, it looks like it will not be the kind that demands a day off from school or work. Instead, the Almanac of the Old Peasant predicts rain and much of it! The forecast says, "We expect snow in areas normally covered by snow to be below normal snowfall, with the inner west and a small portion of the central part of the country being the exceptions that are more snow than normal."

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Graphs show that even the regions across the country, which usually see cold, snowy winters, get more rain than usual. So while the temperatures may be milder than in previous years, you should have your waterproof jacket and boots handy.

Where is the snow?

As soon as January rolls around, it's common to check the weather forecast daily to see if we can get a winter wonderland. With forecasts of mostly rain this year, people wonder where all the snow is.

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Farmer & # 39; s Almanac states, "A decrease in solar activity and the expected arrival of a faint El Niño – both will prevent cold air masses from standing around in the north." The United States as a whole will be affected by the mild temperatures; However, you can still expect some cold days during the winter season.

Weather can be tricky

During the Old Farmer Almanac Weather Forecasts are something that has passed the test of time, they are not always accurate. As almost everyone can confirm, sometimes the weather has its own meaning.


So, while it can be fun to catch up on these seasonal predictions, do not trade with yours snow blower for a canoe yet.


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