Woman leaves purse in Uber, driver pulls hilarious prank

Momentum into the new year

The story of this lost and found purse prank was first told on Reddit. The user "Dbarakh" posted that a friend had left a purse in a Uber on New Year's Eve in New York City. What a start to the new year! Dbarakh said that this friend found some "interesting" pictures on her phone when she called them the next day.

Purse is a tire swing

Reddit / "Dbarakh"

Interesting is certainly a way to describe what the friend has found. It turned out that while this friend was turning her wheels to look for her lost purse, the purse had a good time sitting on a tire swing in a New York park.

An off-the-wall prank

From swinging to climbing, there's nothing this purse can not do. As the friend on her cell phone, which was still in her purse, leafing through her pictures, she saw that the Uber driver had some adventure with the purse in the park.

Purse on the climbing wall

Reddit / "Dbarakh"

It seems that the purse along with his new friend of Uber drivers has also stopped at the park's climbing wall. Some Reddit users speculated that the purse was being taken to Washington Rock State Park, New Jersey, outside of New York City. Regardless, the purse was intended for further adventures outside the park.

Playing with the owner of the purse

While the prank of this Uber driver is as creative as it gets, the driver himself had something to do with the purse owner. It turns out that the Uber driver did not accidentally hide googly eyes to prepare for future pranks.

Purse rides on reindeer toy

Reddit / "Dbarakh"

Reddit user "Dbarakh" stated on the original post that the owner of the purse in the side pocket had googly kept his eyes inside the purse. They probably had no intention of being used that way, but now we wonder why we do not have googly eyes in our pockets for one case.

A mix of reactions

When the pictures of this wild adventure were first posted in Reddit, the funny prank went viral. Within 24 hours of being online, the post was accessed more than 100,000 times. This gives the little purse the recognition it really deserves.

Purse playing cards against humanity

Reddit / "Dbarakh"

With all of this recognition, there are people who question history and call it a forgery. But Dbarakh is relentless that the story is true, and has responded to naysayers to assure these users that the story is not fictional.

Put on the purses

Eventually, this action-packed day ended with the purse's eyes, and the Uber driver returned the purse to his relieved owner. But the prank lives on like all the best on the Internet. So far we have not found anyone who has introduced himself as a rogue, but he or she should go down in the Uber story.

Purse in the park

Reddit / "Dbarakh"

Under Uber's lost and found driving policy, drivers will be charged $ 15 once when returning an item to compensate drivers for their time. We just hope that this driver was tipped a bit more, based on the time and effort put into this legendary handbag prank that kept us going.


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