Woman makes recovery from stroke thanks to her dogs

Have you ever had a situation where everything went right? Maureen Hatcher, who lives in St. Augustine, Florida still lives today thanks to this situation. She was home alone when she had a severe stroke. She could not move or speak. Thanks to coincidence and their two heroic dogsSadie and Belle, she quickly got life-saving medical help.

A happy mistake

Maureen Hatcher has a bell on her front door and the door closes automatically as soon as it is closed. That day, Maureen did not close the door completely, so the automatic interlocks were not turned on.

ABC News

All of Hatcher's relatives were out that day and suddenly she had a stroke. It was impossible for Maureen to call an ambulance because the stroke made it impossible for her to speak or move. She could have died if her dogs had not acted quickly.

Sadie and Belle go into action

No one knows exactly how they did it, but somehow the dogs let themselves out of the house. Maureen thinks they could have opened the handle with their noses because the door was not completely closed.

First Coast News

Shots of dogs running out of the house were taken by Hatcher ring Camera. The dogs ran to the house next door and barked until they became aware of themselves. The neighbor knew that it was strange for Saide and Belle to be outside without Maureen, so she ran to Maureen's house. When she saw the front door open, she knew something was wrong.

A great result

The neighbor called 911. As soon as the paramedics saw Maureen's condition, they could immediately tell she had suffered a stroke. Instead of taking them to the nearest hospitals, they took them to Jacksonville and specialized in the treatment of strokes.

American savage

The doctors used a stent to completely remove the skin blood clot that caused Maureen's stroke. Today Maureen has no permanent medical problems with the incident and she lives up to all her incredibly intelligent dogs.


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