Woman publishes photos of herself in different sizes of pants

The fashion industry is different for women than for men. Women's trousers often come out with no pockets to look "slender," even if they are not functional or practical. Also for ladies jeans and pants to Bags are infinitely smaller than the pockets of men. Tumblr user leavethew0rldbehind She has recently brought the issue to the fore by unveiling pants in three different sizes, each one a perfect fit for her. This proves that the size of the tag is nothing. It is arbitrary. Let us talk about it.

The evolution of size

A few years ago, the Washington Post published an article explaining how the size has developed. Clothing sizes seem to be equal to inflation as WaPo noted that today's size 8 is the size 16 of the 16s.

Couleur / pixabay

Interestingly, the size 8 of the 50s has no match at the present time. It turns out that it is smaller than today's 00. Think about it for a second.

The error of vanity determination

Today's clothing issues are all about size differences. That's why the sizes are not the same everywhere. Apparel manufacturers believe that women feel better by reducing the size of jeans, tops and dresses because they think they are smaller and thinner than they actually are.

Public domain / pixabay

In truth, women feel terrible. They come from a 6-size shop, only to find that they only fit a size 9 in another store.

The average woman

The clothing sizes that we "enjoy" in modern times are the result of an attempt by the government to pinpoint the situation Average American woman– The focus is "figure". During the depression, government officials examined a sample size of the female population. Although the study itself failed, the idea was to make meaningless clothing measurements – and here we are today.

Automatic Bogomolov / Pexels

Did the size of pants or shirts ever make you unhappy? The number on the day does not matter. Pay more attention to yours dress fit and how you feel in it.


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