Woman Teams Up With Domino’s Worker To Get Back At The Hacker Who Stole Her Pizza

Woman teams up with Domino's Worker to get back to the hacker who stole her pizza

I'm a fan of Halo Top Ice Cream, especially the chocolate peanut butter pint. The computer algorithm of my local supermarket knows that and will always give me coupons and receipts when I buy a pint.

They know that I will return for more and, in the end, save a bit of money each time I get some of this low-calorie delicacy. I'm not an extreme coupon or anything, but when I get that $ 1 or coveted $ 2 coupon, I feel like a little rewards program, and every time I lose a coupon or accidentally throw it away, I get a little disappointed.

And I understand, Halo Top could not be for everyone, and it was shrouded in infinity …

… but I still like it and the little reward program that I set up for the purchase. JUST LET ME HAVE THAT, GUYS.

And as disappointed as I am, if I lose a coupon, I would be even paler if I found out that someone had stolen my ice cream coupons and used them for themselves. Because I'm the one who originally paid for the Halo Top, I'm sorry, why the hell should they reap the benefits of my expenses, right?

So I gasped audibly when Twitter user @gracearnprie discovered that their Domino account was hacked and someone had done the unthinkable:

They used their points to get a free pizza. you free pizza. The nerve. The bile.

Devastated, Grace contacted her local domino to inform her about the villain's plan, and they did not have it. The clerk promised to throw away the pizza and face the rogue face to let them know what a scumbag they were when they hacked into someone's account.

Not everyone believed Grace first.

The confirmation e-mail of Domino.


And the call to the store.


Some still doubt her and notice a "discrepancy" in her story.

And it had to be explained to them gently.

Some people were more concerned with the fact that a perfectly good pizza was wasted.

Grace's answer pretty much sums up the feelings of others who have ever been stolen.


And there were more than a few individuals who cared that Grace's private details were available to the "hacker."

Thankfully, Grace kept her private information out of her account.

Their tweets exploded so much that Domino's PR team contacted them. Here she hopes to get some extra points and / or swags for her sufferings.

People immediately began to worry that the employee who vowed to tell the thief would be in trouble.

As for Grace, the whole experience made her feel somehow.

Let's hope her points are restored and she chooses a stronger password next time.

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