World's first foldable smartphone debuts

Did you dream of folding your smartphone? A small company called Royole hit Samsung and other competitors and launched the world's first folding smartphone. If you need to get the latest technology in your hands, you should first familiarize yourself with the specifications of this smart-looking smartphone.

Make waves with water OS

The foldable FlexPai works with Water, a forked version of Android. Similar to the name of the operating system, the software needs a certain amount of time to calm down each time the phone is folded and unfolded. It may be great to be the first to release a new technology, but this phone does not feel ready for the consumer yet.

AFP / Tobias Schwarz

The Royale FlexPai unfolds into a 7.8-inch display and has a pixel resolution of 1,920 x 1,440. This eye-catching smartphone offers two displays when folded. Depending on the position of the phone, there may be problems skipping the software.

Plastic makes it possible

If you want to know how this phone works, this is because the screen is made of plastic rather than glass. Royale has boasted that the FlexPai can be folded up to 200,000 times before quality is seriously compromised.

great videos / YouTube

It is possible to see air bubbles on which the phone is hinged, and there were problems with the response to touch sensitivity. The display screen has a lifespan of five years before being replaced. This is better than glass.

Wait before disbanding your wallet

The hinge on the back of the phone supports folding and unfolding of the FlexPai smartphone, but makes the phone a bit clunky and unwieldy to handle. Who appreciates a Smartphone With a thin profile, the gap caused by the hinge is automatically detected.

Go 4

Although Royale was at the finish line with a first place finish folding smartphoneIt might be better to wait for more versions to be released. The FlexPai is only available for pre-orders. The price varies depending on the number of appearances and storage space between $ 1,300 and $ 1,879.


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