Yanet Garcia left by Douglas Martin

The sexiest weather girl in the world has been abandoned by her boyfriend so he can play more video games The dating scene has become so harsh that even people who are world renowned for their appeal have a difficult time out there. A young couple known on social media shows that there is no harshness that can save you from heartbreak and public embarrassment. Yanet Garcia is a weather girl on a show in Mexico called Hoy. According to the New York Post, she has found many new fans during this year's World Cup. Her ambition is to broaden her career as an actress and model.
As you can see she is a baby: she also seems to have a sense of humor about herself. Yanet, 26, has with a 23-year-old professional player named Douglas Martin. While YaNet surpasses him on Instagram, Douglas has millions of followers on YouTube, so he announced on YouTube that he and Yanet had split up. More precisely, he dropped her. The reason?
To play more video games. In the video, Douglas says things have changed between him and Yanet since moving from her apartment in NYC to Mexico City to work on Hoy. He says, "Yanet is a fantastic girl, she deserves the best, she is beautiful, she is smart, she was a great friend." He recognizes at least that he has lost a prize. But he seems to have very little self-confidence about what the rest of his reasoning sounds like: "I'm now playing full-time Call of Duty," he says. "I literally sit here every night from 7pm … sometimes until 5am … and play Call of Duty." It's not the career I want, I want to win a ring, I want to win a World Cup, and I want to win a call of duty because I have it so much love to do whatever it takes to be a champion. "" There are only 24 hours in a day and I simply did not have enough time to do what I had to do. "You know what, fair enough. It is obviously possible to make a video game a career. Douglas is only 23, and that's what he wants. He probably is not the right man for someone who lives in another country with completely different interests. Franklin, Yanet deserves attention in their relationship anyway. I think once you've reached your teenage years, there's no excuse for sitting around watching your friend play video games. Get her to an adult man, Garcia! Sadly, she looks annoyed at the breakup, chirps her fans that she is heartbroken, and thanks them for their support. She also wrote what some call a little bit in Spanish, which translates to "Never listen to the advice of a person who has not done anything good with his life." Damn, girl, tell how you really feel.
People do not seem to support Garcia in all of this, even though they really love Call of Duty. But the vast majority of the comments are people shooting with Garcia: So are you singing now? – You can not do it, you can not do it on concrete (@Jinkink) July 22, 2018

Must be tough, darling, hit my DMs cheerfully x-Dylan (@CruddyDP) July 22, 2018

Something tells me she will not stay single for long.

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