You buy a mystery box for only $ 5 and cover treasure

Greg Pack had no idea where he was when he bought a mysterious 4-pound or 5-dollar box at an antique store. With the help of his son Scott they discovered something they never expected, something so incredible that you have to see it to believe it.

The mysterious box

Greg was always a fan of old boxes, according to Scott. When he opened the battered chest, Greg found glass plates in bad shape. He worked in print, which lured him to the plates. "I used to work with negatives and they looked pretty good," Greg said.

Twitter / Scott package

Photo negatives from another time

As he held up the glass plates, Greg shot a photograph of the negatives on his cell phone. Then he transferred the photos to Photoshop, where he manipulated the mobile pictures and turned the negatives into positive ones. The results that Scott posted on Twitter and collected 129,000 likes were really amazing.

Twitter / Scott package

Forgotten memories

With the help of modern technology, Greg had discovered valuable family memories. But how old were these photos? "Could vacation photos have been?" Scott asked on Twitter. "Probably a reasonably wealthy family, would like to know more about them, or just give them."

Twitter / Scott package

Centuries old moments

Using Twitter users, Greg and Scott found that the photos were more than 100 years old. By transforming the negatives into positives, Greg was able to share photos of which the originals were certainly forgotten. "For me, it's the fact that these glass negatives have been in this box for over 100 years," Greg said in a statement. "The original photos of these negatives probably do not exist anymore."

Twitter / Scott package

Brought back to life

"When I turn the negatives to a positive picture and looked at their faces, that brought these people and this day back into their lives for me. These seconds when the lens was exposed to the lens 100 years ago are now visible again, and it seems to have captured the imagination of 20 million people, "Greg continued," so thanks, son, Scott, & twitter Trailer to make this possible. "

Twitter / Scott package


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