You can do 10 simple Pilates exercises for beginners at home

If you are looking for a great way to train and tone your body without going to the gym every day and having expensive memberships, then we have just what you need. Maybe you have heard of Pilates and it requires you to go to the studio and buy a lot of equipment, but in fact it is the easiest and fastest way to get fit without leaving your room. All you need is a mat and determination to make your body lean and strong. There are around 600 exercises in Pilates, but you do not need all for your perfect abdominal muscles. Pilates offers full body workouts with the most moving focus on core. This means that every exercise you choose is good for you! Here are 10 simple Pilates exercises for beginners that you can do at home.

From shovel
Starting Scoop, also known as the rib cage, targets your six pack area and is essential for building perfect abs. Make sure that you do not confuse it with the crunch – in this exercise, you slowly curl up and down and push your abs into the mat. This step requires accuracy and will give you amazing results if done regularly.

The rolling up
Rolling up requires you to use your abdominal muscles to pace up and down in a very controlled manner. Avoid the impulse as it is harmful to your spine and makes the exercise less effective. Your legs should be pressed onto the mat.

Open leg balance
Static exercises have an incredible effect on your body. Use your back muscles and abdominal muscles to hold the position. It is very important that your arms and legs are straight, but it can be hard to do the first few times you try. Practice and you will definitely succeed!

Saw affects your sloping, inner thighs, thighs and also improves the mobility of the back. Make sure your hips are grounded throughout the exercise, especially if you are turning.


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