You have to try Crucial Life Hacks

It's always fascinating to see how super simple tricks can make your life easier. There are tech hacks like using a twist tie to tie up unruly chords with detachable, sticky wall mounts to unravel your closet space salt many clever tips to try out! Look at these five super random hacks that you need to test as fast as you can.

No stubborn labels anymore

One of the most annoying things in life that you are faced with is trying to get those incredibly sticky labels from your brand new housewares. But there is an easy solution! If you need to remove stubborn ceramic or glass labels, simply soak them in warm water with a bullet of oxi-clean and voila! These labels should peel off immediately.

Dump a day

Hack for the holidays

If you are someone who loves to decorate for the holidays, this hack is definitely for you. If you place these ornaments or autumn basket creations in your favorite center vase, you do not need to use them all from the decorations. Simply place the cardboard roll (from a paper towel or a TP roll) in the center to limit the filling quantity!

Dandelion and dust fighter

Maximize your shovels

Ice cream makers adhere to a golden rule to make symmetrical blades. We do not say that you should take advantage of this fact … but you can use it to your advantage! Order a single scoop in your cone and then say you want to add a second scoop. You need to match the size of the scoop so you get a lot more ice cream!


Quiet, loud doors

Doors that pop or make noises when the air starts and lets you jump at each corner can now be easily repaired. Just use the small foam stoppers designed for the doors of your closet! Place the cabinet bumpers on the door stop bar to create just the right amount of upholstery for quiet loud doors.

Family artisans

Put a cork inside

The latter chop is actually a three-in-one! Corks are extremely versatile and can be used in a variety of ways. Cut it in the middle and use it as a pocket clip. Cut the cork into tiny slices to obtain chair leg cushions. or, keep the discarded corks in a small jar with 90% rubbing alcohol and use them as a comfortable fire starter. So many hacks!

Family artisans


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