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You pop the question with 6 different engagement rings


When it comes to marriage proposals, if you make sure that the person you want to marry actually says "yes," it's very tiring. Fortunately, this incredible fiancé made sure his proposal was perfect for the love of his life … giving her a series of rings to choose from. Who said diamonds are a girl's best friend?

Stress of popping the question

For many who are soon involved, it is as important as the wedding itself to make sure that your marriage proposal goes as smoothly as possible. The special gesture is often planned to the tee, keeping an eye on the perfect position and time to answer the question. But how special is one of the main components of a knee-jerk suggestion: the ring?

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That's pretty important to Dennis Brown II. The young model wanted to make sure that his proposal to his girlfriend Atara Dallas swept her completely off her feet. And Brown has really given everything to give her the surprise of her life … and to make sure that she would love her engagement ring!

Planning the perfect offer

Brown did not save the cost of a really eye-catching, extravagant proposition. For this special occasion, Brown hired a wealth of professional designers, florists, photographers and event planners to ensure a remarkable surprise for his love. His commitment to a formal, glamorous presentation, however, was not the most unique thing about his proposal.

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He also neglected details and made sure that every element of the dreamy scene showed Dallas how much he cared for her. He inserted a stunning, italic note into the set, which contained the following words: "A woman who single-handedly made me believe that a soul mate, a lover, a prayer warrior, a confidant, and a best friend would be packed in a stunningly beautiful could soul. "The greatest gesture of consideration and devotion, however, was pressed down on the ring … or should we say rings,

An incredible collection of gems

Instead of just suggesting a ring, Brown hit the question with six twinkling rings. Yes, you read that correctly: six, His consideration? He wanted to make sure that Dallas would be satisfied with her engagement ring and let her pick one of them gloriously Posing of jewels. In the end, a dumbfounded Dallas chose the drop-shaped diamond, grateful for the romantic, thoughtful, lavish gesture of her adorable friend.

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The proposal soon became viral, and while some people found the six rings extreme romantic, others found it a bit over the top. Dallas's opinion, however, was the most important, and she seemed overwhelmed by the love of Brown's devotional dedication. He has certainly set the bar for all future proposals!


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